I am a 1st Generation Nigerian American, born and raised in the Bronx New York.  I’m trained in Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton and earned my medical degree from George Washington University.  I completed my residency in Emergency Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine and have been practicing medicine for over 7 years. 

I became a coach after my personal journey with career burnout 2 years ago.  I had this construct that the only true definition of success was to be rich at all costs which manifested itself in form of an unhealthy attachment to awards, titles, and accomplishments due to a scarcity mindset.    I was on this pursuit to pay off all my educational debt in a short amount of time without thinking about how this process could lead to a decline in my physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.  


After months of self-reflection, partnering with God, soul-searching, and coaching I found my passion to help other Physicians regain clarity, confidence, and empowerment. No longer trading time for dollars but allowing the dollars to work for you. 

I’m passionate about helping other high-achieving professional women take control of their financial mindset to avoid career burnout one step at a time.    

Dr Temi

Top Doctor Award 2022