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Money mindset is your core beliefs about money and your attitude toward it. It’s how you think about money in relation to yourself and others. It also relates to your prior and current influences on saving, spending, and managing your money.  

Scarcity mindset- a pervasive feeling that there will never be enough. You become so preoccupied with what you don’t have that it becomes difficult to focus on anything else.

Abundance mindset- a belief that there are enough resources to go around for everyone. You’re focused on gratitude for what you do have and not on what you don’t have.

Your financial advisor is typically an investment advisor as regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission they can give you advice about specific stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  On the other hand, as your money coach, I will assist you in examining your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs about money so that you can have peace in the event of financial setbacks or in periods of financial abundance on your life journey, either way, I want you to be sufficient with whatever comes your way

With my proprietary framework, we will go through the limiting beliefs that may have held you back on your financial journey.  You will get direct hot seating private coaching without guilt or shame.  

Book a complimentary call with me today to learn more. I’m ready to help you take back control over your financial life and monetize your purpose so that you can choose to practice medicine not out of necessity but because you want to.